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Toronto Novotel Hotel Workers Strike!

June 28th, 2010

TORONTO– As of 6:30 am this morning, hotel workers at the Novotel Toronto Centre have gone on strike just as members of the G20 French delegation arrive at the hotel, which is run by the French company Accor.

“We’re a small group of workers who are just trying to maintain decent jobs with this global giant,” said Rik Hockley, a Banquet Server and member of the bargaining committee at the Novotel Toronto Centre. Approximately 80 workers have walked off the job after hotel management walked away from negotiations on Tuesday without even addressing an offer put on the table by UNITE HERE, the union that represents hotel workers.

“Their shameful conduct in these negotiations is apparent for the world to see, “says Paul Clifford, President of UNITE HERE Local 75. “After sitting on our proposal for a month, they finally tabled their first and only proposal on Tuesday and then walked out the door at 5:00 pm. That is not collective bargaining by anyone’s definition. The labour dispute at this hotel is entirely due to Accor’s heavy handed bungling of negotiations.”

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Novotel talks continue as strike deadline looms

June 22nd, 2010

Unionized hotel workers and the Novotel Toronto Centre are negotiating Tuesday in an effort to avoid a strike just before the G20 summit.

The 80 workers at the Novotel on The Esplanade plan to strike Thursday if an agreement isn’t reached, according to the union.

A French delegation is expected to stay at the hotel during the G20.

“We are fighting for good jobs, jobs that will enable you to feed your family and put a roof over your head,” Rik Hockley, a Novotel banquet server and union steward for Unite Here Local 75, said in a written statement.

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