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City asks for no board report with inside workers

March 5th, 2012

TORONTO - Mayor Rob Ford’s City Hall is once again starting the clock ticking down to a labour disruption.

The City of Toronto filed a “no board” report request Friday in negotiations with CUPE Local 79.

The move, when approved by the provincial labour minister next week, starts the 17-day countdown to a lockout or strike of the city’s inside workers union.

Deputy Mayor Doug Holyday, the chairman of the city’s employee and labour relations committee, said the city is still bargaining with Local 79 which represents around 23,000 employees.

“We do want to focus discussions and we do want meaningful discussions, we think that that is the way to arrive at a fair settlement,” Holyday told the Sun Friday.

He said “minor matters” have been discussed at the bargaining table.

“But the real differences of opinion haven’t been discussed at this point and there are several,” Holyday said.

Local 79 president Tim Maguire accused the city of not budging at the bargaining table.

“The city needs to begin meaningful negotiations rather than threatening tactics to long-term care workers, daycare workers, lifeguards, other members of Local 79 and the members of the public that depend on those services,” Maguire said. “After 12 weeks of bargaining the city has not budged. The city has not engaged in meaningful negotiations.”

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